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Lightweight Trout solid seismic streamers facilitate the use of vessels of opportunity.
Economy in surveying operations

This one kilometer Trout towed hydrophone array sonar (shown with tail buoy attached) weighs in at under 3/4 of a ton.

A conventional oil-filled hose seismic streamer would weigh over 4.5 tons. The small size and light weight of the Trout design can permit retrieval by hand.

The array is in the hanging basket with the tail buoy on the top.

Trout arrays are light and small enough to permit greater choices as to stowage location(s).

This 16 channel Trout solid towed hydrophone array fits in the back of a small van.
No permanent survey vessel? Using a ship of opportunity, a 16 channel Trout seismic cable can be easily and conveniently transported by air freight to you next survey location. You don't even need a forklift to move it! Completely solid with no fluid filling, shipping and deployment are quick and easy.
Space at a premium? You can perform test and inspection in a very small space with Trout's clean no fluid construction and very compact size. This 16 channel high resolution seismic streamer towed hydrophone array sonar fits on the floor of a tiny office. Don't try this with an oil-filled hose! An entire 16 channel high resolution seismic streamer hydrophone array can be laid out on the floor of a tiny office!
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