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Entire groups, including overlapping ones, can be tested this way.
Cheap and ugly, but effective.  Testing of larger groups gets quite loud!

After the final molding operation, the sensitivity and fidelity of each group is checked using air acoustic calibration boxes. At the centre right of the photograph is the light gray Head-of-Array Module (HAM). The HAM is used for power conditioning/RF filtering and is a different color than modules with acoustic sensors.

Measured sensitivities are within /- 1dB of results predicted by MAI's finite element models!

Use of multiple high quality loudspeakers and precision measurement equipment yields good results.

Air acoustic calibration boxes ensonify the entire Trout module uniformly. A small hole between the loudspeakers permits the use of calibrated measurement microphone and sound level measuring equipment in accordance with AS1259.1-1990 and IEC651-1979.

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