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Our Extensive Cross Industry Expertise Enables Development

We are experts in custom hardware design, development and manufacturing. We are also experts in firmware and software development for web, desktop, mobile and embedded devices. We can provide a turnkey solution or advise on specific details. Our hardware has been used in mission critical situations where failure is not an option in a broad range of industrial and scientific installations.

We are also networking infastructure and security experts having worked on Big Data and Tier 1 security projects. We are not in the game of letting your data be exposed to the wilds of the global surveillance apparatus. We take care to ensure that we follow the sames rules for our client data as we do for our own. You can trust the your information is secure with our expertise behind it.

We Put Our Hearts Into Everything Produced at MAI

Geophysical Imaging Tools

We specialise in Bepoke Geophysical solutions for mining and exploration purposes. We offer several proprietary tools including via our back catalog.

TriAnalyzer Metal Detector and Classifier

The TriAnalyzer detects and identifies concentrations of Group VIIIB, IB, and certain IIIA and IVA metals of the Periodic Table of Elements, either separately or in combination. Coverage is in a swath approximately 1 meter wide to depths of 2-3 meters. Continual improvements to sensor handling and increased functionality enable better depth location for minerals of interest.

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ActiveEm Subsurface Imaging System

MAI's Active EM Imaging System is capable of obtaining high resolution images through most geologies to depths over 300 meters. Unlike high resolution seismic, this system permits imaging through blasted rock and into old mine workings. Many minerals, as well as their grade, can be identified directly by their characteristic signatures. Multimetallic steeply dipping pod shaped ore-bodies in highly folded Cambrian strata have recently been imaged to depths in excess of 250 meters with great success.

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