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Modules are subject to continuous improvement.

Several different acoustic modules are available to match your requirements.

The Trout's Acoustic Sensing Modules are hydrodynamically shaped for low noise. Typically seismic streamer modules are also positively buoyant, thus compensating for the slight negative buoyancy of the interconnecting electromechanical cable. Full ocean depth modules are usually made slightly negatively buoyant. Multi-channel acoustic modules are available, as are special modules designed for extreme frequencies. Customer supplied sensors and telemetry are often integrated into these modules and others.

All modules are hydrodynamically shaped to reduce flow noise and create a quieter sensing environment along the length of the entire streamer!

Longer seismic cables benefit from the protection afforded by this module.

A close-up of the Head-of-Array Module (HAM). For most Trout arrays with 16 channels and above, a HAM is used to protect the downstream electronics from RF and other sources of electrical interference.

The Tail Termination Module (TTM) connects the end of the very strong electomechanical cable to a "weak link" tail assembly.

Another feature to keep your array in operation longer.

Its funny what comes up "attached" to the drag cone on some deployments.

Drag Cone End of line! A drag cone is often supplied at the end of the drag rope which follows the TTM. A "weak link" attachment is provided for additional tail rope, if required.

The Buoyancy Modules can be put in any array region where extra lift is desired including the towed hydrophone array tail.

Buoyancy modules can be added anywhere positive buoyancy is required.

Plenty more modules, including custom ones.