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Marschall Acoustics developed and owns fundamental patents in hydrophone design, underwater acoustics, and sonars -
  particularly in solid towed hydrophone array seismic streamer design.  Some of this technology is licensed to various
manufacturing companies.  Contact us directly if you have any questions in this regard.






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Optional solid streamer cable modules for added functionality.

Low frequency seismic arrays with sparse groups tend to require additional modules for buoyancy.For many applications, MAI strongly recommends Buoyancy Modules, especially for long Trout arrays which may be sparsely populated with Active Sensing Modules. The Buoyancy Modules are interspersed among the active sensing modules to fully balance out the effects of the negatively buoyant interconnecting electromechanical cable.

Ask MAI's degree qualified Engineering staff about designing Custom Modules for special marine instrumentation applications, as well as other module options: Color Coded Modules, Bird Coil Modules, Thermal Modules, and modules for additional instrumentation.

Marschall Acoustics Instruments uses premium quality depth transducers.Depth Transducer Modules (DTs) can be integrated into the Trout array. MAI's DT Modules maintain accurate depth measurement at speed and yaw. These modules are positively buoyant and also compensate for both the weight of the internal depth sensing components as well as the slightly negatively buoyant interconnecting electromechanical cable.

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