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Since 1989 Marschall Acoustics has provided support to the worldwide marine seismic industry, naval research organizations, and the offshore scientific community by offering its patented solid towed array and hydrophone array technology for successful international offshore operations.

Royalty-bearing devices which embody the innovative technology covered by patents from Marschall Acoustics Pty. Ltd. have been purchased and deployed by the organizations listed below. If your organization has purchased a transducer product covered by patents owned by Marschall Acoustics Pty. Ltd. but is absent from this listing, please let us know. Send your contact details to Marschall Acoustics and we would be pleased to include your organization!

Antarctic Support Associates, Inc.*

Northwest Geophysical Services

Bay Geophysical Associates*

Baystar, Inc.*

New Zealand Government

OYO Corporation*

John E. Chance & Associates, Inc.

PGS Exploration Inc.*

Columbia University

Rice University

Cornell University

Romor Atlantic Ltd.

Danish Geotechnical Institute*

Sankei Engineering Corporation

Duke University

Shell Philippines Exploration*

DWS International*

Exploration Electronics Ltd.*

GeoAcoustics Ltd.

GeoTeam Wimpol Ltd.

Government of Japan *

Spanish Government

Swedish Government *

Taiwan Republic of China Government*

United States Geological Survey *

United States Navy*

Hong Ku Trading*

University of Alabama



University of California*

University of Georgia

Institute Di Geologia Marina

University of Mississippi*

James Cook University

University of North Carolina

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

University of South Florida

Louisiana State University

National Science Foundation*

World Wildlife Fund

Northern Geophysical

* indicates sale of multiple devices

Many custom configurations of Trout arrays are in use worldwide.