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Our solid hydrophone arrays can be used in non-towed applications.
Shallow Transition Zone Surveys

Small and lightweight, Trout hydrophone arrays can get into places other sensors can't.

A small crew can deploy and retrieve the array by hand. A Trout array can operate in only centimeters of water.  Trout thinline solid seismic streamers are far easier to transport than traditional fat hose arrays.

The array shown here consists of 24 channels with a group spacing of 25 m and a group length of 37.5 m (Each channel had several Trout hydrophone modules). The drag was still so low that a single man could pull it from station to station. The array was transported to the site in the back of a small utility vehicle or pickup truck.

Lightweight and economical, Trout saves you money and effort!

Marschall Acoustics solid streamer cables, the choice of technology leaders.