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Trout Seismic Streamer Solid Towed Hydrophone Array Sonars

Original inventor of thinline solid streamer technology

Trout Towed Hydrophone Array Sonars

Ultra low self-noise hydrophone module

An Australian manufactured product from the original Australian inventors of the first (and still the best) quiet solid seismic streamer towed hydrophone sonar array.

More advantages of Trout solid seismic streamers

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Solid streamer cable towed hydrophone array

Smallest volume, weight, and drag of any seismic streamer.SMALLER AVERAGE DIAMETER

  • less weight - up to a 98% reduction

  • less drag - reduces fuel consumption

  • easier handling - allows smaller vessels

  • greater mobility

  • less drag - less vessel generated noise

Isolated from extensional waves and bulge waves, more stable against transverse vibration.SUPERIOR SIGNAL FIDELITY YIELDS

  • better performance in higher sea states

  • improved data processing operations

  • superior final seismic section quality

  • greater detection ranges

  • greater classification ranges

No oil to leak, multiple waterblocks, tough plastic hydrophone elements.ROBUST, ALL SOLID DESIGN PROVIDES

  • greater operational uptime

  • faster seismic surveying

  • environmentally safe operation

  • longer array life

  • easy to air freight

  • easy storage

  • lower operational costs

  • faster deployment

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