Marschall Acoustics Instruments, the source for innovative ideas and science applications.
Marschall Acoustics developed and owns fundamental patents in hydrophone design, underwater acoustics, and sonars -
  particularly in solid towed hydrophone array seismic streamer design.  Some of this technology is licensed to various
manufacturing companies.  Contact us directly if you have any questions in this regard.






Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty Ltd

Marschall Acoustics Group
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Bespoke Geophysical & Audio Domain Solutions

 Data Acquisition & Process Control

    • Geophysical Data Acquisition Systems

    • Sonar Processors

    • Machine Monitoring Systems

    • Process Monitoring and Control

    • Computer-aided Manufacturing

LINUX & OS/2 Application Programming

    • Some staff have over 28 years of Unix/LINUX and Internet development experience. We remember our roots!

    • LINUX and OS/2 hybrid systems development.

    • Secure versions of LINUX and OS/2.

    • LINUX audio and multimedia editing workstations.

    • Secure communications and data storage applications.

    • Internet application development.

Engineering Tools

   Subroutine Libraries