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  Acoustic/Vibrational Seismic Wave Propagation and Transmission Loss Prediction Software

A huge range of advanced elastic wave propagation model cores for predicting wave propagation in underwater acoustic, mining (blasting effects), petroleum exploration (survey planning and synthetic seismic data), and geotechnical applications.
From simple ray-tracing algorithms to fully coupled elastic wave models, MAI-IT probably has what you are looking for, up and running, tested and proven.  Our focus is on obtaining commercially useful results in a timely fashion - not theoretical research - although we would be pleased to pursue pure research if we were paid to do so!

Many of our subroutines can also be used for electromagnetic and other wave propagation problems.  Elastic wave propagation prediction is useful in the cost effective design of underwater acoustic systems (sonars), mine operations planning, petroleum exploration survey and processing planning, and a broad range of geotechnical applications.

Our algorithms are optimized for OS/2, BSD, and Linux platforms, particularly those employing Intel and AMD compatible processors.

MAI had been an IBM Premier Level Solutions Developer