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 Random Number Generation Routines for OS/2 Platforms

An interesting range of random and pseudo random number generation subroutines and programs for Intel architecture IBM PC compatibles running IBM's OS/2 operating system. 
Useful for many  kinds of physical, economic, and operational Monte-Carlo method modelling.
Our extensive collection includes not only the standard pseudo-random number generators such as those combining Multiply With Carry, Subtract With Borrow, Congruential, Shift Generator, and  Lagged Fibonacci methods, but also a full range of Cryptographic generators, AND methods of using REAL random data to generate random variables with your choice of probability distribution.  Our codes are  TESTED and OPTIMIZED  to your specific processor and application. Target processors usually range from 80486's to selected Pentium architectures.  
Calling languages are typically FORTRAN, C++, and C. Other languages such as Ada, REXX, and G can often be accommodated.  Some routines are stand alone programs.

Don't risk your important and valuable Monte-Carlo simulations to cheap system pseudo-random number generators with undesirable statistical artifacts.  Use good random numbers that hold up to all known tests and higher dimensional analysis from MAI.

MAI had been an

IBM Premier Level Solutions Developer

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Popular Pseudo-Random Number Generator Components

Multiply With Carry

Subtract With Borrow


Inverse Congruential

Shift Register

Lagged Fibonacci

- des-ecb
- des-cbc
- des-cfb
- des-ofb
- des-ede-ecb
- des-ede-cbc
- des-ede-cfb
- des-ede-ofb

Other Cryptographic
- Blowfish
- Skipjack
- many others

Real Random Data Based Permutations

Real Random Data Based Shuffles

Real Random Data Based Dithering

Real Random Data Based Picking