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 Numerical & Statistical Subroutine Libraries for OS/2 Platforms

A huge range of full featured numerical and statistical subroutine libraries for Intel architecture IBM PC compatibles running IBM's OS/2 operating system - from laptop clients to large multiprocessor servers.
Our vast collection includes choice elements of well known routines, but TESTED and OPTIMIZED  to your specific processor and application. Target processors include tiny embedded 80x86/80x87's and 80486's to stand-alone multiprocessor Celeron and Pentium architectures.
Individual routines and libraries can be supplied as dynamic link libraries (dll), static libraries (lib), or object files (obj). We also have the capability to supply dynamic loadable drivers (dld), virtual device drivers (vdd), and physical device drivers (pdd) should they be required.
Calling languages are typically FORTRAN, C++, and C. Other languages such as Ada, REXX, and G can often be accommodated.
When you don't want scientific/engineering code development to turn into a research project in numerical analysis, call on MAI to save you time and money!
MAI had been an

IBM Premier Level Solutions Developer

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Popular Numerical Routines/Functions
Solutions of Linear Systems of Equations
- Matrix Decompositions
- Special Matrix Forms
- Singular Value Decomposition
(some well known packages get this one wrong!)
Eigensystems Analysis
Interpolation and Approximation
Integration and Differentiation
Differential Equations
Nonlinear Equations
Popular Statistical Routines/Functions
Moments of a Distribution
Contingency Table Analysis
Linear Correlation
Nonparametric Correlation and Statistics
Maximum Likelihood Estimators
Hypothesis Testing
Pseudo-Random Number Generation