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  Towed Hydrophone Array Self-Noise Modelling

The state-of-the-art in seismic streamer towed hydrophone array self-noise prediction and modelling.  Suitable for both fluid filled and all solid hydrophone array constructions.
From finite and boundary element models of internal hydrophone array elements to overall system performance at speed, our models permit prediction of sensitivity and self-noise to within a few dB.  We can design to a performance specification or maximize performance for a given fixed array cost.

Our own Trout designs obtain maximum performance out of minimum volume.  Hydrophone arrays of almost all constructions, oil-filled or solid seismic cables, can be optimized for a given frequency range over a range of selected operational speeds.

Our algorithms are optimized for OS/2 , BSD, and Linux platforms, particularly those employing Intel and AMD compatible processors.

MAI had been an IBM Premier Level Solutions Developer