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 Marschall Acoustics Instruments Capabilities and Experience in Coupled Fluid/Structure Engineering


Axial fluid velocity around a hydrodynamically shaped body of
 revolution used in underwater imaging.Axial fluid velocity around a hydrodynamically shaped body.

The Marschall Acoustics Group has a wide variety of finite element solvers for external and internal flow.  These can be coupled to a variety of structural and boundary layer models, including those for turbulent flow.  Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty. Ltd. may not have the capability of large government laboratories and some giant aerospace companies, but we don't have their overheads and high prices either!  Modest sized commercial problems are our specialty. Customers have included government agencies, petroleum exploration and production companies, mineral extraction and processing firms, marine vessel manufacturers, food processing firms, and various motor sports organizations.


Stress analysis of flexible pipeline laying reel subject to extreme storm loads.Marine structure subject to fluid flow loading.

Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty. Ltd. is well experienced and equipped to handle stress analysis of marine and other structures subject to a variety of static and dynamic loads.  Standard steel structures are easy, but we can also handle structures made of multiple materials and even of many composite materials.  Various stresses and displacements can be solved for and clearly displayed.  Dynamic solutions for moving or vibrating structures include the usual quantities as well as statistics on components of stress and displacement.  Mode shapes and frequencies are also available.  Structures can be coupled to moving fluids, subject to acoustic and other radiations, and exposed to static and time varying thermal loads.  Sensor and structural components with a piezo-electric response can have their output predicted in response to both external signals and structural vibrational noises.


Although our scientific and engineering results may be
politically incorrect, some government agencies hang on our every word.  It would be cheaper for them
to contract us directly than to hire so many spies to keep track of what we are up to.Fluid velocity around flexible pressure mine sweeping bodies.

The Marschall Acoustics Group has performed many theoretical and numerical studies of flexible bodies in axial fluid flow.  Our engineers have also participated in numerous experimental programs to measure and control vibration of such bodies and the fluid flow over same.  These flexible bodies have included constant and non-constant diameter towed hydrophone arrays, solid seismic streamers, influence mine sweeping devices, composite aircraft components, and various communications antenna systems.


Geophysical research vessel from the golden era of geophysics.Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty. Ltd.  staff are also experienced in ship quieting.  Our staff have analyzed and designed many shipboard noise and vibration reduction systems.  These include engine and compressor mounting systems for seismic exploration vessels, offshore research ships, generator isolation for research vessels, and various components of submarines.