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Active EM Data Examples

The Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty. Ltd.  Active EM  subsurface imaging system is capable of accurately imaging through multiple coal seams.  In this example, five (5)  coal seams, some quite thick, were imaged simultaneously.  Vertical scale is in metersDeeper targets can be imaged  using different data acquisition geometries.

This example shows Active-EM data for a region of coal bearing sedimentary rock overlain by a layer of volcanic alluvial deposits.  Previous attempts to determine stratigraphy using seismic, GPR, and even drilling were largely unsuccessful.  Active-EM punches through to image even "bad" data areas.  Saline water table is perched on top of first sandstone layer at base of igneous gravels.  Vertical scale is in meters.



            Watch this space for upcoming images of metallic minerals, mineral sands, opals, mine headings, voids in blasted rock, and petroleum !